Meet the electric motor characteristics Phantom marinizado 54LB

The electric motor Phantom marinizado LB 54 is designed to be used in sport fishing at sea in Brazil, it is an electric motor that provides durability, practicality and resistance. With the electric motor, the boat moves around and comes close to the best fishing spots of quiet way and so the fish are not scared away, and the fisherman’s job is to just throw properly.

The electric Phantom marinizado 54 LB engine is operated with a 12 volt battery with any amperage, but indicated by the manufacturer is to use a battery that is in the 40 to 120A and can be used as a main propulsion small boats or as a motor range auxiliary fishing with artificial lures due to operate quietly and cleanly. roller bearing 22219 e c4

The electric motor Phantom marinizado 54 LB can be used as the main engine in small boats, paddle boats on lakes and ponds and even rafts. Advantageously, the electric motor Phantom marinizado 54 LB is environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment because it operates without making any noise, smoke or pollution.

Axle housing must be checked before the bearing is installed in the electric motor

For an electric motor receives a new bearing is necessary that the electric motor is disassembled. For the new bearing is mounted on the electric motor, the site must be extremely clean and be done by a staff that is specialized, since this will ensure a smooth running and also prevent the electric motor present problems.

A factor to be taken into consideration is the removal of the new bearings, as this withdrawal should be made close to the time when the electric motor of the new bearings are mounted.

But before you even put the new bearing in electric motor, it is essential to check the axle housing as it can not display signs or punching burr and bearings can not be struck directly during assembly.

Electric motor parts must be a thin layer of petrolatum or oil to the parts which are machined, because then the oxidation is avoided.

Cast iron in the electric motor housing

Cast iron is the material used in housing construction of the electric motor used in industry

The electric motor is applied at home or electric motor that is coupled protection, electric motor casing serves to support the stator plates. In these applications, the electric motor will be exposed to atmospheres which are aggressive and too explosive.

The materials that are used more in the housing of the electric motor used in industry is the cast iron. This iron must be white, tough, easily machinable and also very cheap.

Even in the fixed part of the electric motor, its weight will have less importance. Another important point is that the cast iron is used in the electric motor, it has excellent thermal conductivity, it is essential in armored engines.

In the shielded electric motor ZDM2332T, the fins are always distributed around a surface that is external and is used to increase the contact surface with the air and so will be high thermal dissipation of the electric motor.

Course electric motor

The electric motor is of course offered by various educational institutions across the country. These institutions work with courses in classroom mode and also the distance, thus being able to meet the needs of most people and their routines.

For those who want to work with this machine is ideal to make a course and seek knowledge, knowledge is fundamental in any area of expertise. The ideal course is one that has a larger menu and addressing more issues, so do a survey of the institutions and see which is the best one.

There are free courses and also paid before selecting the course you want to do is interesting that you analyze all these details and try to see which really meets your needs. Always give preference to complete courses which are made in recognized institutions, be sure to examine the certificate issue that is also important.

Panoramic view of the electric motor drive

Currently, the electricity that is supplied by electricity companies is alternating current. For this reason, using machines that have an AC electric motor inside it is actually a more economically viable option.

It is important to use an electric motor of alternating current, because the shortage of electric ENERGA is a concern in all segments of society because of climate change and global warming.


Make use of energy sources has been increasing in the 21st century and about 70% of the reduced energy in Brazil is intended for operation of the electric motor. For this reason, it is necessary that the electric motor is chosen correctly so that operating costs are reduced, but we must bear in mind that the higher the higher electric motor efficiency will be the cost of this electric motor model.

Electric motor how much it costs

Set a price for the electric motor is not an easy task, especially because there are many types and variations of this machine being sold in the market. From the moment the client set the type of engine it needs, it becomes much easier to inform the values for it.

It is not difficult to have knowledge about the value, however, is a very simple procedure that can be done even on the internet, it has many virtual companies that work with the sale of the electric motor. Ideally you establish what type you need, before you start price survey.

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For those who prefer a more economical purchase, we can not forget that there is also the option for the electric motor used, the value of which is much more affordable than the brand new engine. Be sure to be looking at the two options for you to choose the most favorable for the final application.